Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3ds games, If you’re a lover of animals and you want to be a part of the place that is equal between humans and other wonderful animals, then you are welcome in the wonderful world that is “Animal Crossing: New Leaf “. When you start the game, you’ll appear as a newcomer however, people here mistakenly believe that you are the town’s mayor and you’ll assume the role of the real mayor. 

Two titles are available you can take upon being elected the mayor of the town: Public Works Projects (which allows you to receive money from the town to construct public infrastructure such as bridges, streetlights and so on.) And ordinances (allow you to establish specific rules that aid the town in becoming more prosperous including the opening hours of shops). Furthermore, you must take time to pamper yourself, such as making Bells and then shopping for your most loved clothes or even build a house for yourself. You can chat with other residents and take part in the activities that take place within the city. 

With a real-time clock system a clock that displays the date and time it is possible to determine the opening and closing times of festivals or shops within the city. It is also possible to visit other towns in your circle via Nintendo Network. Nintendo Network feature, even gamers can visit the lively Tortimer Island and join the exciting minigames.You also can make download Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3ds ROMs – ISOs and enjoy play.

Animal Crossing New Leaf nintendo 3ds games roms
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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