Duck Hunt NES ROM

Duck Hunt NES ROM game is a sports game that can be played on any computer or gaming device. Duck Hunt NES ROM download is available for Nintendo (NES). So, download Duck Hunt NES ROMs and enjoy.

The object of the game is to shoot as many ducks as possible within a three-minute time limit. If you hit a duck, it will fly away and the scoreboard at the top of the screen will update with your new score. If you miss a duck, it will fly away and make an annoying laughing sound. The game ends when you either run out of time or bullets.

Duck Hunt NES game is one of my favorite old-school games because it’s simple yet challenging. It’s also really fun to play with friends or family members because there’s something for everyone – some people are good at shooting ducks while others are better at dodging them! I highly recommend giving Duck Hunt a try if you’re looking for an enjoyable classic video game experience.

duck hunt nes roms download

GENREOther, Sports
FILE FORMAT.nes / Zip Folder