Monster Hunter Generations 3DS ROM & CIA

Monster Hunter Generations Nintendo 3DS ROM game where Monsters can still be active, and innocent people have to suffer. Only true hunters can bring peace, so join with us. To kill all evil creatures, you must enter the game. 

You will continue the same gameplay as the previous installments of the series and become a hunter to take on dangerous creatures. Very much actions are happening, so you can make download Monster Hunter Generations Nintendo 3DS ROMs and enjoy the gaming.

Your equipment and skills are what will make you stronger. There are no special characters. There are 14 types of weapons, including guns, bows and swords. Each one has a unique shape, how they operate, and special abilities.

However, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Armor provides protection and allows you to use powerful elements. To increase your equipment’s power, you can attach gems. Special moves are also available when fighting.

However, these special moves require that you recharge them after each use. You will also need different resources to aid the fight later. You can also use the body parts of monsters that you kill to make stronger equipment.

Monster Hunter Generations nintendo 3ds games roms
Monster Hunter Generations
CONSOLENintendo 3DS Games
GENREAction, Role-playing
FILE FORMATGame Folder / Zip