2002 FIFA World Cup

World Cup 2002 is the official tournament that will be played during the 17th FIFA World Cup GameCube games, held in Korea and Japan between May 31 through June 30. It’s based off the engine used in FIFA Soccer 2002, so those who are experienced Fifa players will be able to prepare for it quickly. It is built on it’s 2002 World Cup – Korea and Japan as well as all the countries that were made it into this year’s World Cup, and a number of other. The statistics are small for each country – their most recent biggest win as well as their appearances in the World Cup, etc. 

The stadium as well as all players are extremely detail-oriented. The texture of players is so high that you’ll be able to recognize the majority of players. The stadium is huge and impressive, and is full of a vibrant crowd. In FIFA Soccer 2002, animation was derived from real players using motion sensors. This is why new animations were added, including new falling, sliding and more. One of the most exciting features in 2002 FIFA World Cup, is the model for controlling air balls. It allows you to take balls in the air and you can have more control when it comes to making incredible goals from the air.So,if you have interest then make download FIFA World Cup GameCube ROMs ISOs and enjoy.

2002 FIFA World Cup gamecube roms
2002 FIFA World Cup