Adventure Island 3 NES ROM

Adventure Island 3 NES ROM game is a platform game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The Adventure Island 3 NES ROM download is also available for NES. So, download Adventure Island 3 NES ROMs and enjoy gameplay.

The game is the sequel to Adventure Island II, and the third installment in the Adventure Island series.

The objective of the game is to guide protagonist Master Higgins through a series of eight stages, each consisting of two sub-stages, to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend Tina from her kidnappers, who are members of an evil gang known as The Evil Tribe.

Along the way, Higgins must defeat numerous enemies and bosses using his skateboard and various weapons such as stones, fireballs, axes, hammers etc., while avoiding obstacles and traps.

Adventure Island 3 NES game is an extremely fun and challenging game that I highly recommend playing if you’re a fan of 8-bit platform games from that era. It’s one of my personal favorites on NES for sure!

Adventure Island 3 nes roms download

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