Bubble Bobble NES ROM

Bubble Bobble NES ROM game is a platformer game that was developed and published by Taito in 1986. Bubble Bobble NES ROM download is also available for NES. Download Bubble Bobble NES ROMs and enjoy gameplay.

The objective of the game is for players to guide two dinosaurs, Bub and Bob, through a series of 100 levels, blowing bubbles to trap enemies inside. The bubbles will then pop and the enemies will be defeated.

If players are hit by an enemy or its projectile, they will lose a life. Players can also collect items such as fruit and power-ups to help them defeat enemies. Upon completing all 100 levels, players are presented with a congratulations screen followed by the credits sequence.

The controls for Bubble Bobble are simple; players use the directional pad on their controller to move Bub or Bob around the screen and press either A or B buttons to blow bubbles respectively. This makes Bubble Bobble easy enough for anyone to play but challenging enough that it remains addictive and entertaining even after many hours of gameplay.

What makes Bubble Bobble so much fun is its combination of cute graphics, catchy music, and challenging gameplay mechanics which make it one of the most popular NES ROM games ever released.

Bubble Bobble nes roms download

PUBLISHERRomstar, Taito
FILE FORMAT.nes / Zip Folder