Dr. Mario NES ROM

Dr. Mario NES ROM game is an arcade-style puzzle video game developed by Nintendo. It was one of the company’s earliest games for the NES, and its popularity helped revive the system’s sales. The player uses a pills to eliminate viruses represented as falling blocks. Dr. Mario ROM download is for Nintendo. So, download Dr. Mario NES ROMs and enjoy.

The gameplay of Dr. Mario ROM download is based on that of Tetris, another popular puzzle game from which it borrowed several concepts such as gravity and bricks made up of four smaller squares apiece. In both games, players manipulate these objects as they fall into a well in order to create complete lines across its width that are then eliminated from play; doing so in Dr. Mario causes any viruses underneath them to disappear as well, while eliminating multiple lines at once awards bonus points or power-ups respectively.

Whereas most Tetris variants feature a playing field that gradually fills with bricks from the top down – thus making swift decisions necessary lest one be overwhelmed – Dr. Mario features a fixed number of blocks that falls steadily from the top of the screen regardless; new blocks only enter play once any given column has reached either its bottom or overflow point (thus limiting how many can be onscreen simultaneously).

This changes some strategic elements: for instance, if there are no more safe spaces left at the bottom row to place newly-arrived pieces, players must instead rapidly cycle through available columns so as not to lose too much ground.

Dr Mario nes roms download

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