Dragon Ball Z Team Training

Dragon Ball Z Team Training GBA ROM game is like a unique combination of two popular brand names Pokemon as well as Dragon Ball that has been accomplished as a hacker’s creation. This is basically the remake from Pokemon Fire Red, with the Pokemon transformed into familiar characters from Dragon Ball Z . This game is also from Dragon Ball Z series. 

This game is also available for Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulator. If you are interested, you can check the features and enjoy it.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Team Training

  • Pokemon are replaced with “fighters”. In total, there are 165 fighters to be found in this game.
    It has 170 attacks , including 130 brand new attacks (techniques taken from Dbz) and new animations, of course, as well as 30 older attack types (from Pokemon, like Headbutt for instance).
  • New maps for some cities.
    Changed some of the overworld sprites as well. (mini-sprites in the map)
  • A variety of items were added (capsules and Senzu etc.)
  • Fusion System And many more.

If you have interest to play this game then make below download Dragon Ball Z Team Training GBA ROMs and enjoy playing the game.

Dragon Ball Z Team Training gba games roms iso
Dragon Ball Z Team Training
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