Fire Emblem Fates Conquest 3DS ROM & CIA

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Nintendo 3DS ROM game where the story of the King Garon stated that he would let Corrin to quit the fortress if he executed the prisoners from the adjacent kingdom.

However, he refused and ordered Corrin to go scouting within a canyon. In the depths in the canyon, Corrin was betrayed by a accomplice who dragged him down the canyon. 

Corrin was saved, and there he found his real identity and battle started. When you start the game, players will be able to personalize your character’s gender, outfit, etc. You can then select the mode of play that will determine the fate of your characters. In classic mode, players that lose their battles will go to the grave for ever without being revived.

Casual mode permits characters to be revived after having completed the battle. There is also Phoenix mode allows the reviving of a defeated character right after the turn. When fighting with turn-based combat, players can move their characters around a grid-like arena in a top-down viewpoint. 

The characters are separated into multiple layers, the range of movement of each grid differs. In Fire Emblem Fate is divided into three kinds of magic and swords bows, axes, lances, and hidden weapons. So, download Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Nintendo 3DS ROMs and emulator and enjoy playing the game.

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest nintendo 3ds games roms
Fire Emblem Fates Conquest
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