Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem GBA games is a game that takes place in the Fire Emblem is set in an era of the past when kingdoms were constantly at war. This resulted in the start of endless wars, which left the world in chaos. The story starts by introducing two people Chrom and his companion, Robin. They battled to defeat the Validar race from the nearby kingdom. 

Following the battle, they prevailed however, the friend of Chorm was wounded by an arrow which was cursed by the previous Champion of Validar. Since the time, Robin has lost his memories and has acted in a mysterious manner. Frederick was a general in the army of Chorm was always interested in this matter and was often concerned. 

As the war against his Plegian nation was raging, Chorm, his sisters Lissa and Frederick were confronted by a mass of dead bodies. Then, the mysterious figure known as Marth together with the army of appeared to rescue them. After leaving, he gave an announcement that this was starting a huge fight that was to begin. What battle is it? Will Robin be involved? Fire Emblem built quite large and intricate plot scripts. Players play the character of Chorm exploring the entire scene through a series of the enigmatic events, and take on the bases of enemies and fighting large-scale battles. 

The game falls under the category of strategy, and as such it’s designed using turn-based gameplay that simulates the tactics of a real-world game. Combats with enemies occur on a gridmade up of a number of squares. Players are able to move to any place within the grid or engage opponents within the area of their influence. The system has a Menu board, which includes a set of commands that include move, attack using items, make transactions, etc.

Based on the goal players are able to develop different strategies as well as making use of the essential functions.In terms of the characters, they’re made to fit the classesthat determines their combat ability. In battle they’ll earn points for experience to increase their level. This can help them improve their abilities like damage, defense and even alter the class to make it more powerful. However, it isn’t the only way to boost the strength, as the game has the option of having a variety of weapons. Each has its particular advantages and disadvantages. as long as the player can learn to control the use of the weapon, it are a huge help during combat.You may also download Fire Emblem GBA ROMs – ISOs and enjoy play.

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Fire Emblem