God of War PS2 ROM ISO Download

God of War PS2 ROM game where this game is for God of War PS2 ISO console and also it have controller and emulators. This is an action game which was published by SEGA and Sony both. Players of God of War for PlayStation 2 journey through Greek galleons, demolishing Athens as well as The Temple of Pandora, where they will have to defeat a horde of enemies. 

The giant monsters of Ares represent the biggest challenge to defeat. They require agility and quick thinking. In the fight against these beasts, a symbol is displayed above the head of the beast and the player has to press it to progress towards the subsequent attack. A devastating blow can be struck by certain actions. In the event of a delay however it will allow monsters to regain strength, forcing players to begin again. 

Incredibly, Kratos has many similar abilities to the monsters who have been defeated. Jellyfish heads is one example. It can allow him to transform his enemies into rocks. The protagonist acquires powerful items by fighting monsters, which allows him to confront Ares. So, download God of War PS2 ROMs ISO console and enjoy.

God of War ps2 roms console game and controller
God of War
GENREAction , Adventure
FILE FORMATGame Folder / Zip