Golden Sun

Golden Sun GBA game is a role-playing game like the last time this happened was three years ago, a massive snowstorm erupted in the night. This put the residents of Vale village in danger since the village is situated near the base of the mountain. Elders attempted to stop the rock from rolling towards Vale but some unfortunate residents refused to pass. 

There was at war. While everyone was trying to get away to a safe location, Isaac’s family was dispersed to the one. In the next few minutes, Isaac met his two old acquaintances, Garet and Jenna. They asked Isaac to help him locate his family members, and in exchange, he was to accompany them on the Psynergy’s research conducted led by the Dr. Kraden. The three of them got lost within the Sol Sanctum area, where Elemental Stars entities existed. Through chance, they discovered they were Jenna and Kraden were kidnapped in this area and that the strangers had plans to attack all the three. 

Luckily, Wise One showed up immediately to save them, and after which he showed they that their only option to protect their families and to escape from the situation is to restore their Elemental Stars entities to sealed state.Golden Sun has up to four characters that players can take on such as Isaac the main character of the game. Isaac is in a state of denial and requires help from his friends. Isaac makes up part of the Mars system, which can manipulate rocks and control plants (for instance, to create a wooden bridge across an aquifer, or even open an avenue when trees block the walkway). 

Mia is one of the characters from the town of Imilry is from a family who has an ancient long-standing tradition for healing wounds through magic. Mia belongs to the Mercury system, which is able to manipulate water and then freeze it. Ivan is a deep, 15-year-old boy from the Jupiter system can control electricity and wind. And lastly Garet Isaac’s best friend from Wales with a large body. Garet can be found in the Fire System that can control fires and manage sources of heat.The game has two components: random battles against bosses and monsters to enter a new section in the plot. If an opponent is chosen to fight, the players are taken to a distinct battle screen. 

Players must try to make use of special abilities, or even spells or support items to their advantage in the hope of defeating the opponent. Each player has a vitality bar and when it’s exhausted the battle will be over and the loser penalized with the bonus. The power of psynergy is very vital, and if it is used correctly it can enhance the ability to defend and bring back vitality to the character. In the majority of cases it is the case that everyone has to face an opponent with greater strength, and there’s no significant differences in strength, winner will be those who can benefit from Psynergy’s capabilities. 

A victory can bring the character with experience points as well as bonuses and is equipment, whereas losing is a return to the previous stage in order to regenerate.There is another key element which greatly assists players during battle. They are Djinn creatures who are scattered throughout the path. If you spot them, then gather them, then equip them for characters to increase the attributes points, and possibly improve the efficiency of the Psynergy skills.So, this is very much interesting game ,if you want to play this game then make download Golden Sun GBA ROMs ,ISOs and enjoy gaming.

Golden Sun gba games roms iso
Golden Sun
GENREAction , Role-playing