Heavenly Sword PS3 ROM ISO Download

Heavenly Sword PS3 ROM game is an action-adventure game that was developed by Sony Santa Monica and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The game was released on October 10, 2007 in North America and on October 12, 2007 in Europe. The story of the game follows Nariko, a warrior who must use the titular Heavenly Sword to defeat Bohan, a despotic ruler.

The gameplay of Heavenly Sword PS3 ROM is focused on combat; it is set up as a hack and slash style game similar to titles such as Devil May Cry or God of War. Players must fight their way through hordes of enemies using combos and special moves to progress. The player has access to three different fighting styles which can be switched between at any time.

These are speed mode, power mode, and range mode. Each fighting style uses a different weapon; speed mode uses two smaller blades known as katars, power mode uses a large broadsword known as the claymore, while range mode employs a bow with arrows. In addition to regular enemies, there are also larger boss characters that players will encounter throughout the course of the game. So, download Heavenly Sword PS3 ROM ISO and enjoy the game.

Heavenly Sword ps3 roms

PUBLISHERSony Computer Entertainment
GENREAction, Adventure
SIZE14.67 GB