Mario Party 2 Nintendo 64 ROM Download

Mario Party 2 Nintendo 64 ROM game where this game is for Mario Party 2 Nintendo 64 console and it has also controller and emulators. Mario Party 2 N64 game has a diverse assortment of mini-games, characters and features, and also the development of the world and the storyline. 

After the player has selected an avatar, the player is taken to a huge game board, which has many zones. The board will be populated with connected circles, thus making a path, and covering the entire map. The players must roll dice to move their characters and all characters have to be moved in a certain sequence. 

Based on the number the player receives when they roll the dice and the character moves according to the number of steps. Moreover, dice can be utilized to determine mini-games. So, download Mario Party 2 Nintendo 64 ROMs console and enjoy the game.

Mario Party 2 nintendo 64 roms games console
Mario Party 2
CONSOLENintendo 64 Console
GENREAction , Strategy
FILE FORMATGame Folder / Zip