Mega Man 3 NES ROM

Mega Man 3 ROM is an action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom. Mega Man 3 ROM download is available for the NES. It was released in Japan, North America and Europe. The game is the third installment in the original Mega Man series. So, download Mega Man 3 NES ROMs and enjoy playing.

The story follows Mega Man as he battles Dr. Wily’s robots to save the world from their evil plans. Along the way he meets new allies such as ProtoMan and Rush who help him defeat Dr. Wily’s powerful robots including GeminiMan, ShadowMan and SparkMan.

Mega Man 3 retains much of the same gameplay mechanics from its predecessors such as shooting enemies with his arm cannon and using power-ups to upgrade his abilities but also introduces a few new features such as sliding under obstacles and charging up shots which would become mainstays of later entries in the series.

The game was well received by critics who praised its tight controls, level design and soundtrack while some criticized its difficulty level.

Mega Man 3 nes roms download

PUBLISHERCapcom, Nintendo
GENREAction, Platformer
FILE FORMAT.nes / Zip Folder