Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion GBA games , the summary of the game is ! Samus Aran was taken to the laboratory on the planet SR388 to discover what was happening for the team of biological researchers (BSL) after they lost contact with them for some time. When he arrived the first thing he noticed was a bleak space and the entire team seemed to have disappeared. He was planning to look for clues when the Hornoad appeared. He tried to kill him using the weapon. 

The attempt failed, Samus promptly reacted and killed him. After that an amorphous beast called X Parasite engulfed Samus’s body. His nervous system is affected, resulting in memory loss and also loss of control over many organs of the body. Fortunately the patient was able to be able to endure. After returning home, he underwent surgery and received an immunization vaccination. The mystery that is going on at SR388 is not known as of yet.

So, where did appear the predisposition of X Parasite originate? What exactly is the motive of the person responsible for this story?Metroid Fusion is a shooting game that is also an adventure-based puzzles. The players will take on the role of Samus to unravel the mysteries which are taking place inside the lab on the world of SR388. There are a variety of zones, which are connected via underground passages, or closed doors. 

Make use of the guns provided to smash through obstacles and find an area that can be opened up to different possibilities. Despite its mix with the genre of adventure the game is based on the pre-designed scenarios. The game provides quite many details about the area of navigation and areas where the players have to visit.

Many mysteries waiting to be unraveled, but most of them are kept by monsters. Samus is equipped with various weapons and can use to take on these threats. The most basic abilities include: jumping, running, shooting boss bullets or rolling into balls to travel through small spaces, or employing one hand to hold an object and the other might be using weapons or other tasks simultaneously. 

But, there are other areas that are more hazardous, Samus can hardly survive without improvement in terms of strength and health. Due to the specialized Vaccine developed created by the scientists who I have introduced in the story, he is not only protected from X Parasites that pop up throughout the journey but absorb them as well to boost his strength. Sometimes, he will encounter other rockets and bombs. 

To boost their the power of their characters, they go for the “Data room” to absorb Core-X. However it is important to note that the Data room is only open after having defeated certain bosses. The developer has another feature available: Fusion. In this fight players are able to gather special kinds of elements dropped by an enemies, or scattered on the map.

This can be used to create an exclusive armor known as “Fusion Suit “. This armor not only increased Samus’s defenses, but also provided the player with more powerful weapons.For the last scenario, players will encounter an additional character named SA-X. He is an incredibly powerful warrior from the world of SR388. However, his job is to be the boss that players must take down. 

However, this antagonist has a significant role to play in the destruction of the final opponent: “Omega Metroid”. The sole reason for why the villain is able to do this is due to his possession of Ice Beam, the only weapon that is able to destroy Omega Metroid, which Samus is not equipped with.You can make download this Metroid Fusion GBA ROMs – ISOs and enjoy gaming.

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Metroid Fusion