Metroid NES ROM

Metroid is a classic NES ROM game that was released in 1987. It’s a side-scrolling action and adventure based game where you play as Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who is sent to investigate the planet Zebes after it’s attacked by Space Pirates.

You must navigate your way through the planet, defeating enemies and solving puzzles along the way, in order to find out what happened and stop the Space Pirates.

What I love about Metroid is its non-linear gameplay. There are no set paths or levels; you can explore wherever you want and do whatever you want in any order you choose. This makes for an extremely replayable game, as there are always new things to discover each time you play it.

The enemy encounters are also well done; they’re tough but fair, and never feel cheap or unfair. The music and graphics are also very good for an 8-bit game, lending a dark and atmospheric feel to the proceedings.

Overall, Metroid is an excellent game that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a challenging adventure title with plenty of replay value. If you are interested to play, just download Metroid NES ROMs and enjoy.

Metroid nes roms download

GENREAction, Adventure
FILE FORMAT.nes / Zip Folder