Monster Hunter Stories 3DS ROM & CIA

Monster Hunter Stories Nintendo 3DS ROM game where the story starts when the main characters along with their companions Cheval and Lilia are able to steal an Ratha egg from the forest.

When they return to their village, they discover that an aggressive Nargacuga afflicted with a disease known as Black Blight attacked the village and killed Cheval’s parents. The main character’s Ratha stood up to defend the village but was eventually killed. 

After a year the village was restored to peace, but Black Blight-infected animals are in the wild, receiving Kinship Ore which is which is a crystal that can be used to defeat wild animals. 

The protagonist embarks on the journey to fight the Black Blight disease. As the main protagonist, you’ll explore the world of vastness, searching for new allies and fighting off dangerous creatures. 

You can also meet with monsters by taking eggs and laying them incubating. Monsters that can assist you in your fight and move. Battles will be played using a turn-based battle system in which you be able to control your character as well as your monsters to take on. The story of the game is full of adventures, you can download Monster Hunter Stories Nintendo 3DS ROMs and enjoy the adventures.

Monster Hunter Stories nintendo 3d games roms
Monster Hunter Stories
GENREAction, Role-playing
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