New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo 3DS games is the stories of rescue for the princess was continued, but this time the two brothers Mario and Luigi will be faced with the problem of how to take on Bowser as well as Koopalings. As soon as you are a part of the team it, it will be able to tell you the clear. With the familiar 2D platform games that scroll and a plethora of other features, you’ll be able to take control of Mario or Luigi’s journey through an environment full of obstacles and enemies. 

This game’s major goal is to collect gold coins in order to unlock new locations on the map of the world. Coins of gold can be found in the surroundings or used as materials to create the coins in a unique way. Gold Flowers assist in turning blocks into gold coins, rings transform enemies into gold coins, and block masks turn gold coins every time a player moves. When you collect a gold coin they’ll be displayed on the screen, allowing you track them easily. In addition to the primary game mode, there’s another mode called Coin Rush mode that can be unlocked once the player has completed their first level. While playing Coin Rush, you will be taken on a journey in which you have to collect lots of gold coins. 

If you go to checkpoints, which are marked with a flag it is possible to prolong your time to countdown. When you get to the top of the flag, the gold amount will double. After completing each level the gold amount also serves as the proof of completing this level rather than the score. You could also play against others to see who collects the most gold-coins.So,make download the best New Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo 3ds games ROMs – ISOs and enjoy gaming.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 nintendo 3ds games roms
New Super Mario Bros. 2
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