Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer GBA ROM

Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer GBA ROM game is a role playing game of original Pokemon Emerald Hack. This game was published by TenmaRH.

As this game is role-playing game, its became very much popular when it released. As it released all over the world. You may download Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer GBA ROMs and enjoy playing with many new features like:

  • Multiplayer (local and online) assistance for up to 4 players
  • You can pick the number of pokemon to will accompany your (0-6).
  • Pick from six playable character types: Brendan, May, Gold, Red, Ash and Gloria
  • Double, individual and multiple battles with opponents from any location
  • Exchange trades and transactions with players from anyplace
  • Combat in Co-Op Mode (battle against each others in double-battles)
  • Spectator mode: You can observe the games that other gamers play
  • All 3 generations of pokemon are available without having for trading with games
  • You can choose from 11 different types of starters
  • Utilize HMs in combat without learning them.
  • Customizable shine rate

Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer ROM is also available for Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulator. If you like role playing game, this game is perfect for you.

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