Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition

Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition GBA game is a remake of the original Pokemon Fire Red game. A hacker ROM, nicknamed colonel salt developed this game that has a totally fresh theme, which revolves around the villains of the main group, Team Rocket. It is the first time that players can are able to see their story through a totally new angle, during the game you’ll discover how the story unfolds in time as well as the purpose for which Team Rocket is currently evil, but also fascinating. There are many adjustments which make the gameplay of the game quite different from the initial version.There are some aspects of this game such as the ability to play with a mouse

Features of Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition

  • Steal Pokemon from each player within the game. In contrast to other hacks that are based on Team Rocket, Rocket Edition allows you to take the Pokemon from each trainer within the game after the trainer has been defeated during combat. As you climb within the levels within Team Rocket, you will be able to steal from more trainer classes.
  • Discover the real background of Red’s adventures. The story of the game is parallel to the first Fire Red and reveals details about what happens within the Kanto region even when Red isn’t there. With a variety of popular fan theories of The Pokemon Universe, Rocket Edition presents an unique take on the classic Fire Red story that is filled with unexpected twists and surprises.
  • Engage in well-known characters for Pokemon battle. The main players from the first game will make an debut on Rocket Edition, and many of them will be challenging you to battle. Based on your rank in Team Rocket, you may even have the chance to steal any of their Pokemon to yourself!
    Morality system and branches of side quests. While you’re a Rocket however, you have the freedom to decide whether you want to be nice or go in a ruthless spree and the game rewards players for either. A lot of Kanto’s citizens, innocents and criminals alike, will ask for your assistance in individual criminal assignments, providing bonuses and perks. Whoever you choose to assist and who you choose to double-cross could prove to have a wide-ranging impact when you continue your journey …
  • Gen VI-style presentation and mechanics. Thanks to Mr DollSteak fantastic patch which includes and the Fairy kind, current physical split / special split and the attacks of generations IV VI, V, and IV are all included within Rocket Edition. The proper names for Pokemon, trainers and places have all been stripped of capital letters to match the style of contemporary games, as well.
  • A vastly improved interface and gameplay. Run inside or out at the beginning of the game. Or make use of the HM to fly whenever you want as soon as you leave. The rate of encounters in caves and in the water have been drastically reduced. The player is able to take on every trainer before the final battle.

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Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition gba games roms
Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition