Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS ROM & CIA

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Nintendo 3DS ROM game where the story begins when the participant awakes and is transformed into the form of a Pokemon without knowing what caused the sudden assaulted by Beheeyem. 

Fortunately due to the appearance of a Nuzleaf came out and chased Beheeyem, the player is able to escape. Afterwards, the Pokemon is taken to a school that caters to young Pokemon. There, the player is able to meet new friends and even bullies. 

When you join the game, you’ll be selected to be one of the 20 Pokemon each with its particular strengths. Your job is to discover why you were turned into an Pokemon and find ways to get back to being a child. It is also possible to recruit additional Pokemon to join your team, like other Pokemon games where you have to defeat and control Pokemon In this game.

You have to complete tasks to allow them to do similar tasks. There are a variety of treasures hidden in the dungeon as well as creatures and traps. It is possible to avoid unneeded battles by keeping clear from them, but if you spot them, the most Pokemon will fight. 

In turn-based battles, you have numerous options for action however Pokemon also is able to perform the same actions that they have in other original games as well as Mega Evolve, which increases the power of their Pokemon substantially. 

Following the battles, you’ll get a variety of objects, some to aid recuperate and others to serve as weapons for attacking the opponent. Very adventure scene, you can download Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Nintendo 3DS ROMs and enjoy the game.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon nintendo 3ds games roms
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
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