Sonic Generations 3DS ROM & CIA

Sonic Generations Nintendo 3DS ROM game where the story unfolds following Doctor Eggman is defeated by Sonic and is left in space along with their two robots Orbot or Cubot. A mysterious time-being is seen flying by, and upon recognizing his chance Eggman makes use of its power to travel back into the past to work with his former version. 

They are now attempting to take on the old Sonic However, the current Sonic has also arrived and joined forces with his previous version.

Together, they attempt to stop Eggman’s plans to save the world. When you play the game and be able to control two Sonic versions. Sonic and your mission is to navigate through the complexities of terrain as you collect rings, and take on foes. 

When you played as Sonic earlier the game’s gameplay was centered around the traditional side scroll. However, but now you can also play Spin Dash and Spin Attack. For the present Sonic control the game’s gameplay is set to change between side-scrolling and third-person perspective. 

While playing you’ll come across many intriguing items that will help you increase the performance and speed that the player. Amazing game to play, you can download Sonic Generations Nintendo 3DS ROMs and enjoy the gaming.

Sonic Generations nintendo 3ds games roms
Sonic Generations
GENREAction, Adventure
FILE FORMATGame Folder / Zip