Sonic Lost World 3DS ROM & CIA

Sonic Lost World Nintendo 3DS ROM game where Sonic and Tails chase Doctor Eggman in an attempt to save their friends. They fall in the sky to a place called Lost Hex where the Deadly Six live. 

Sonic destroyed the magical conch that Eggman had used to control the Deadly Six and freed the Deadly Six. Sonic soon regrets the decision to let the Deadly Six drain the energy from the underground world. 

To stop their plot, Sonic reluctantly agrees to cooperate with Eggman. Sonic is tasked with saving the kidnapped and to thwart the plot of The Deadly Six. 

Sonic will need to navigate through difficult terrain to find gold rings. Sonic can also curl up at speed to attack the enemy. If you are interested, you can download Sonic Lost World Nintendo 3DS ROMs and enjoy.

Sonic Lost World nintendo 3ds games roms
Sonic Lost World
CONSOLENintendo 3DS Games
GENREAction, Adventure
FILE FORMATGame Folder / Zip