Story of Seasons 3DS ROM & CIA

Story of Seasons Nintendo 3DS ROM game where the story starts when the protagonist is in the city, and is concerned that the job he is currently working in does not fit him. Meanwhile, the depressed people see a flier advertising farmers to The town called Oak Tree Town. Bet everyone who plays to quit their current jobs to sign up and be admitted, from this point on, a brand new beginning. 

In the initial phase of the game, you’ll modify your character, including hair color, gender and so on. When you begin there will be many other farmers available to assist you. 

As with the other Harvest Moon games, you can plant, tend and harvest many different plants. Animals are also diverse to be raised and you can even set up an area to feed wild animals such as parrots, monkeys, etc. 

There are numerous festivals that take place throughout the year that the town hosts contests between farmers. The prize is area to increase cultivate over a long period of time. It’s not enough to we do not also mention the social ties of the game.

In the town, you will be able to be in contact with a variety of NPCs who are residents of the town. The relationship you have with them can be successful or bad based on how you behave in conversations. Based on the gender of your partner you may play around or even get married to six people. 

If your level of love is high enough that you want to marry, you can ask for a marriage proposal or have someone propose to you. So, if you want, you can download Story of Seasons Nintendo 3DS ROMs and emulator and enjoy the game.

Story of Seasons nintendo 3ds games roms
Story of Seasons
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