The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GBA games scene like Hyrule is a peaceful land that has its inhabitants all are united to climb the mountain and develop a prosperous economy. However the dark forces have taken over and engulfed Hyrule with evil creatures. The gods grant his hero Picori the status of a god of swords and assign Picori the task of defending the kingdom. With his strength and courage, Hyrule has restored its natural peace. 

People want to express their appreciation to him, so they have a celebration to celebrate each year. For the celebration of the 100th birthday of Picori King of Hyrule hosts a competition, and the winner will be able to hold the god’s sword. Guardian Smith gives the task to Link and Princess Zelda to present that sword over to the winner. But, Vaati, a mysterious man, takes it away. He transforms Zelda into stone, and uses an enchanted sword crack the seal of the old monster that caused the destruction. 

Saddened by the death of his companion The young man Link begins to look for Vaati determined to bring the sword back to save the kingdom.Like the earlier version, Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap retains the classic gameplay of role-playing, playing around and solving puzzles in mystifying mazes. In this thrilling adventure the green hat known as Ezlo is the companion to Link. It can reduce Link’s size Link so that he is able to travel into the realm that is The Minish race. 

There, he’ll have to complete a variety of tasks, in the hope of finding four elements: water, earth as well as wind, to summon the magical sword, and find Vaati, the villain. Vaati .Regarding the land element players must travel to Minish, the town. Minish with the help by Elzo and shrink. Find the top priest Fishari. Fishari will grant Link access to the Minish language. He will also say it is the NPC Gentari will take Link to the right position to gain Earth as the element. This is situated in the Deep wood Shrine, land behind the village. After defeating Big Green ChuChu players will be able to collect the first item.

To obtain the elemental fire to get it, players have to travel to the highest point of Mount Crenel, then search for the Flames cave, where the monster Gleerok is a resident. Gleerok absorbed the element fire and was able to unleash immense power. The only way to gain the second element is to destroy it. In the Castle Wilds, Link has to do a lot of other tasks in order to earn “Flippers”. This will lead Link into the Temple of Droplets, where the Big Octorok monster is responsible for the element of water. 

After completing the previous challenge and completing the previous task, the player is rewarded with bows, arrows, as well as Pegasus Boots, three essential elements needed to defeat it and gain the third element. Fourth element – the wind possessed by the Gyorg Pair leader. Gyorg Pair. The only way to gain there is defeating both the demon army as well as those of Gyorg Pair. With the assistance of his close friend Siroc and the Wind Tribe and the wind tribe, this war is likely to end soon and be successful.

Once all four elements are obtained The player will then combine to form a magical sword, and then engage in a final fight against Vaati. Vaati is the last boss, therefore his strength is the most powerful. In the course of the adventure, players have to gather pieces of equipment to improve the attack ability of Link and combine them with his abilities to take on Vaati. The dawn of justice lies just ahead. Peace in the Hyrule kingdom as well as Princess Zelda depend on this battle to the end. Let’s fight for the sake of all time! So, You can make download The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GBA ROMs ISOs and enjoy gaming.

The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap gba games roms
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap