The Simpsons Game PS3 ROM ISO

If you have seen the hit animated show The Simpsons PS3 ROM game. it won’t be a big surprise as the content of the show is about the life of the Simpsons family of five comprising spouse Homer Simpson, wife Marge Simpson Lisa, daughter Lisa and Bart, son Bart and the youngest sister Maggie.

Due to the success of the show, game developer Electronic Arts decided to launch an original game inspired by the popular series titled “The Simpsons Game”. 

The Simpsons PS3 game launched in November 2007 on a variety of platforms, including Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. The game has proven its popularity to game critics and has made an impact on players all over the world with its graphic images that feature diverse and original gameplay with various levels. 

Every player will have the chance to take on one of five characters in the Simpsons family, with each being different in their abilities. In the game’s narrative, the Simpsons found out that they were required to play another game “The Simpson”. 

They realise that they’ve been a part of the game, and each player will be granted a specific power that will help him conquer the obstacles in the game. 

In the course of their journey, they’ll encounter four different scenarios that are parodies of other games to find the key cards needed to enter the mansion of their creator. The main goal is to safeguard their predecessors from being destroyed.Download The Simpsons PS3 ROMs ISO and playing the game.

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The Simpsons
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