Which Starter Should You Choose in Coromon?

In the monster-taming mobile game Coromon, you have to decide which starter to train. You have three options: Toruga, Nibblegar, and Cubzero. Each of these three has a different specialization and has their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to decide which one is best for your team. Here’s a closer look at the different starters.

Which Starter Should You Choose in Coromon
Which Starter Should You Choose in Coromon?

Choose Starters Step by Step

In the first few games of Coromon, you can choose from any of the three starters. Each one has a different set of abilities and different strengths. This can make it difficult to decide which one is right for you. The three starters in Coromon are the Toruga (fire-type), Nibblegar (water-type), and Cubzero (“ice-type”). To help you make the right choice, the game’s manual will tell you which one you should pick, and which one you should keep.

The third option is the Cubzero. It is the only Coromon that uses the “Fight” skill. While this attack is useful in battle, the Nibblegar will be at a disadvantage when you first start. Then again, this attack type is a good choice if you want to fight Electric-type Coromon. If you’re not sure which starter to choose, Twinfinite is an excellent resource for Coromon information.

If you want high-damage special attacks, the Toruga is your best choice. It has great speed and a good speed stat. It can put on a lot of pain, but isn’t very tough. Though it doesn’t have a spectacular HP stat, it doesn’t have a great defense system. But despite its limited defenses, Toruga has a thick skin, making him impervious to critical hits.

There are three different types of Coromon. Each has unique traits and attributes. You can choose to train a Coromon that has special defense or attack power. Alternatively, you can use a neutral type. If you’re not sure which starter will be most effective for your team, you can select a different starter from each category. Then, you can challenge friends online and compete for the top spot.

If you’re a beginner to the Coromon game, it can be confusing to know which one to train. There are three types of starters, each with their own special attributes. In addition, the three types have different characteristics and can be confused. You might find it difficult to decide which one to choose. The Toruga, for example, is an offensive Coromon. However, Nibblegar is an ice-type starter.

If you’re new to the Coromon game, you should consider getting Professor Nelson, a friendly NPC who serves a similar role to Elm from the early Pokemon games. He will teach you the basics of the game and help you choose the best starter. In the first level, you can choose between the two Coromon starters, including the Cubzero, the Nibblegar, and the Nibblegar. In the third zone, you can also select a Perfect Grade Coromon.

In the next Coromon game, you can choose a Fire type starter or a water type one. The Fire type Toruga is a good choice if you want to use special attacks, but if you’re a fan of high-damage special attacks, Toruga is a good option. Then, the Water type NIbblegar is the best option. Both have great stats, but they are balanced and have some advantages and disadvantages.

In the first game of the Coromon series, there are three main types of starters. The most powerful are the Cubzero and the Nibblegar, while the Fire type Toruga is the best choice for the other two. All three starters are equally strong and can be used for battles. Choosing a strong one for the squad is a matter of personal preference, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to each.

The starter of a Coromon game is crucial for your overall strategy. Your starting Coromon is often the most important, so you should make a decision based on their stats. This is a good way to determine the best starter to begin playing the game. If you want to play both PvP and EvE, you should choose a different Coromon. This will help you win in the game.